About Me

Flannery Allison originally discovered her passion for photography at a young age, photographing cycling. To pursue her enthusiasm for photography, she became an editor for her High School’s yearbook where she first started to explore what she would later learn was an aptitude for picture editing.

Flannery is a Photo Journalism graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology, with a minor in Economics. She enjoys being able to look at how pictures play off of each other and work together to tell stories; whether it is in a slide show, layout or other format. She looked at many different types of stories during her first picture editing class. Working with photos from a variety of events has taught her how to approach different topics, depending on the story that needed to be told.

In the winter of 2014, Flannery got the opportunity to be a media trainee for the World Curling Federation and photograph the European Curling Championships. This taught her what it is like working at an international sporting event.

Flannery took 2015 off from school to complete internships at Sports Illustrated and Sporting News. Through these internships she learned how to work in both print and online formats, work quickly to meet deadlines, and use different tools to do photo research.